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Thread: OS-9 .dsk file extract

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    Default OS-9 .dsk file extract


    This is my first post to this part of the forum ... I have a Commodore SuperPET running Microware OS/9 (Level I). I have been scouring the internet for os/9 software and found a number of .dsk images for the Tandy machine.

    Is there a program that I can use to read the .dsk image and importantly, extract the files onto a PC or MAC (assuming this is possible) ?

    I have tried trstools and trsread but they give an Error : Not a recognised virtual disk file, making me think these images are in a 'os-9 format'.

    I can then "try" to transfer them over to a CBM formatted disk (already have this capability) an import them into the OS/9 environment on the SuperPET (creating the appropriate directory structure). I know the keyboard etc will need to be remapped but think have this capability also.

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