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Thread: PET in childhood TV show

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    Default PET in childhood TV show

    If you were a kid in Ontario, Canada in the early 80s you might have seen this TV Ontario series called Read All About It.. usually at school.
    It was actually pretty good... it had that dark and spooky quality late 70s-early 80s mystery kind of shows manage so well (probably because of all the dark colors and scary clothes and haircuts). I just stumbled onto it on youtube and it twigged a 35+ year old memory of the finale and an unbadged Commodore PET going on fire as the evil alien space head Duneedon's lair is timebombed. I found the final episode where that happens... Duneedon apparently appreciated Commodore as much as I did back then. I don't think they actually destroyed the computer in that scene on second watch... looks like they did a special effects trick. Probably didn't have the budget to write it off. Not sure which exact model it is.. guessing 4016 or 8032.

    Anyway.. funny to see it again after all these years and interesting to note how memory changes over time. Here is the link if you'd like to see the space PET go poof (very close to the end). It is shown in the previous episode also and may have actually been operating in one or two previous. Can't remember.
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