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Thread: Quick question about desktop systems

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    Default Quick question about desktop systems

    Is it ok if I accidentally push on my desktop computer's case a tiny bit while the pc is running? The PC wasn't doing anything when it happened. It didn't shake at all, I just pushed it and it was balanced and level. Sorry I suffer from paranoia and ask these questions. But it helps to keep me together by asking. I've pushed towers slightly before in the past and didn't notice any problems occurring from it with the hard drive.

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    Don't sweat it, that's not going to be harmful. But I accidentally knocked my Dell (tower) workstation over the other day, while running. I think the hard disk only survived because it's located right at the base.

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    Most desktop computers were designed to handle small bumps. Can't have the hard drive crash if the user misses the floppy drive opening or tries to insert USB stick upside down which are actions in normal use that would move the case an inch. Try to avoid it but don't worry about it.

    With a more modern system, getting a powered USB hub is a good idea. It makes inserting and unplugging devices easier compared to the case ports plus the system won't move if you push on the hub.

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    Thank you guys


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