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Subject: LumaFix
From: Ray Carlsen
Date: Fri, July 6, 2018 1:23 pm

I noticed nothing about heat sinks was mentioned in the instructions for installation of a Lumafix module. Running a VIC chip with no sink will destroy it. Notice ALL C64's including the SX have a sink on the VIC. One guy said he installed a Lumafix, and his computer kept shutting down. The VIC was of course overheating after the original metal shield was removed. There are other IC's that need protection, and excessive heat will shorten their lives as well. A few weeks ago I installed Lumafix for a customer in his white case C64C (long board, not a true C short board) and I fabricated and installed a sink for the VIC.

...I put up some info with photos on my website in the C64 directory under Lumafix.