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I would also avoid a IIsi
I used to have one, but it disappeared into the horde in the garage over a decade ago and I haven't seen it since. It wasn't a bad machine if you had the PDS to Nubus adapter, just a tad slow. Apparently you can "chip" it to run at 25-27.5 MHz and it'll be about as fast as an LC III.

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LC III is likely the only LC to get unless you like hot rodding. I have a regular LC, but I also have a somewhat rare upgrade called a Presto Plus. It upgrades the CPU to a full 68040, upgrades the RAM to 32MBs, and adds an ethernet card. There're also some interesting chassis expansions for the LC that turn it into a monster with multiple hard drive bays, multiple PDS slots, and even an extra power supply to power it all. Sometimes it's just fun to take a crappy Mac and make it decent ... just because. :P
Ideally, you'd want the LC III+ which has a 33 MHz 68030 vs the standard 25 MHz. You can "chip" a normal LC III to run at 33 MHz by moving a few resistors around the board, but you need a heatsink and fan on the CPU, as well as a heatsink on the chipset or it'll overheat and start acting funny. Or if you want a 040 in the same pizza box case, an LC 475 or Quadra 605 (basically the same machine.) A quick search on Ebay shows several "dead" units for a reasonable cost, which probably just need to be recapped.

The LC and LC II are junk, Apple put a 32 bit 68020 on a 16 bit bus and artificially neutered the RAM capacity to a max of 10 MB, despite being able to install more. I have a 68030+68881 upgrade card for these two models, but I've never been able to test it because I've never owned those machines.