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Thread: "vintage" consoles etc.

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    I like the original consoles like the Atari 2600, 5200 and Colecovision. I skipped the NES era and then got into the Original Playstation, XBOX, and Sega Dreamcast where I stopped.
    What I collect: 68K/Early PPC Mac, DOS/Win 3.1 era machines, Amiga/ST, C64/128
    Nubus/ISA/VLB/MCA/EISA cards of all types
    Boxed apps and games for the above systems
    Analog video capture cards/software and complete systems

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    did somebody say vintage consoles? All these guys are either modded for RGB or HDMI if they didnt already support it. fyi, the dreamcast is on my bench being recapped.

    I started tinkering with vintage computers once I got all the consoles i really wanted.



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