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Thread: "vintage" consoles etc.

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    Ethernet for the Dreamcast was hard to find and pricey 15+ years ago, would hate to see what it costs now.
    What I collect: 68K/Early PPC Mac, DOS/Win 3.1 era machines, Amiga/ST, C64/128
    Nubus/ISA/VLB/MCA/EISA cards of all types
    Boxed apps and games for the above systems
    Analog video capture cards/software and complete systems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown_K View Post
    Ethernet for the Dreamcast was hard to find and pricey 15+ years ago, would hate to see what it costs now.
    Better off making a dial up server if you can handle 32k. Not that you can really do anything with the Ethernet thing these days even with linux on it.
    I have dyslexia, I have alot of trouble putting my thoughts into words and spelling/grammar is something I struggle with.
    You may need to read my posts twice to understand what I said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VERAULT View Post
    i have a 2600, my original NES, my original SNES, Genesis G2(think my original G1 was stolen) ORiginal gameboy (wife got it at a tagsale for $5.00) I traded mine orignal into funcoland in the 90's with all my games for some quick cash. I have since bought most of them back. I have a 2DS (bought it to play the new zelda)... I have two retron 3's. and a steam controller for playing some games on the TV.. Had a gamegear (same tag sale) had a bad audio capacitor, fixed it and sold it... the screen is pretty terrible by todays standard.
    And thats it.
    Always been a PC gamer, after the SNES, I lost complete interest in consoles except for the gameboy franchise.
    sounds like we have mostly the same things.

    i have 3 2600's, 2port 5200 working, non working 4 port 5200, original famicom system, AV famicom, NES x2, snes x2 (both seem to output RGB slightly different), genesis model 1 (the good one), genesis model 2, nomad, gamegear, gameboy original model, gameboy color, tg16, turbo duo, sega saturn, ps1 x2 (one model i think has a parallel port), and finally Dreamcast.

    but boy in the 90's its was just NES atari and PC that ruled my life back then.


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