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Thread: WTB: IBM 8515-021 VGA/XGA CRT Monitor

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    Post WTB: IBM 8515-021 VGA/XGA CRT Monitor

    Hi, Iíve started to collect some PS/2 systems a while ago and Iím looking for the right monitor to go with them. Iím looking for a fully working monitor that doesnít need any work done (except for any cleaning and dusting). Iím vary of shipping (I lost two other monitors from eBay courtesy of bad packing jobs and rough handling...), so if itís something I could pick up in eastern PA or in NJ that would be ideal.

    Iím unsure what these go for, but I can definitely pay a fair value, please PM me.

    If you have a similar monitor, Iíd love to hear about it as well, IBM had a whole bunch of early 90s VGA-ish monitors and Iím interested in all of them.


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    I recycled a stack of 8515’s a couple years ago, will have to check what IBM crts I have left

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    I've had good luck with UPS's monitor shipping. It's an extra $70, but they spray foam around the monitor to protect it. I've shipped two EGA monitors that way. Note that the package is only insured for about $100 if memory serves.

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