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Thread: Boxed Apple II games on ebay

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    Default Boxed Apple II games on ebay


    Years ago I received 50 or so boxed Apple II games. The games are complete in their boxes, and contain all the manuals, maps and other paraphernalia. Most of them, but not all, are of the RPG genre.

    Software is not the focus of my collection activity and I need to move them on to make more room. I’ve decided to list them individually over the next few weeks on ebay, so if anyone’s interested in collecting boxed titles with manuals and all the “feelies”, just follow "tezza_080" on ebay.

    Just by way of full disclosure, it’s unlikely that the original disks work…at least without a wash. Most show signs of mould. They have been stored for 10 years in a dry environment at my place, but before that who knows? However, while the disks are in less-than-ideal shape, most of the printed material is just fine with no sign (or smell) of mould.

    The games would be good for someone who wants to get all the original manuals and packaging etc. As mentioned in the listings, I'll happily throw in an Internet-sourced working copy for free, for those that might not have the software and want to play these games.

    Please share this note to others who you think might be interested.

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    The Apple II games ebay selloff continues. Eleven up so far and here's what's left to go...

    I'm loading one or two up every day. Follow me (tezza_080) on ebay, even if it's just to admire the amazing packaging and artwork!

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    My vintage activities blog:
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