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Thread: Hardcard 20 dead?

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    Default Hardcard 20 dead?

    Hi, is this dead or total dead?

    First, rotating motor didnt move, i tried shake verticaly with disk (

    Now disk is rotating, but heads are moving slowly and weird. System show - 1701(B) -- Controller #0 Error
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    That's no more noisy than mine. I had issues with controller errors because the little etched glass plate that it uses to control the index position of the heads was too dirty for it to read. I cleaned it and it started working much better. (Pink circle).


    Also, undo the screws holding the magnet plate on (blue), there's a rubber bump stop under there. Mine had turned to goo and was stopping the heads from moving away from the rest position. I took it apart, cleaned the old rubber off and replaced it with a piece of plastic pipe used for air bubbles in aquariums.

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