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Thread: Computer graphics books - good stuff!

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    Default Computer graphics books - good stuff!

    And cheap! BASIC, C++, FORTRAN. What's your interest?

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    Any of the above! Got a list?
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    Long before GPUs, any efficiencies you could squeeze out of the CPU translated into algorithmic performance on the display. So really in main stream publishing Michael Abrash pushed the limits of what you could read and learn off the shelf. Any of his Zen book series or his 'Graphics Programming Black Book' are worthy to pick-up.

    Lots of techniques and specific information could be gleaned from text files on BBSs and later hanging out in #coders on; or even just watching the graphic demo scene evolve.

    I learned a lot about the fundamentals of graphics/optical mathematics from 'Introduction to Computer Graphics' by Foley, Van Dam, Feiner, Hughes, & Phillips (c) 1990 Addison Wesley.
    (Edit: This is an abridged version of the larger original text: 'Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice in C' by the same set of authors.)

    Another book I still pick-up today as a reference is the 'Programmer's Guide to the EGA, VGA, and Super VGA Cards' by Ferraro.
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    In all likelihood if you aren't already schooled in graphics programming at any level you'd need to read other stuff before Abrash, and you're right his books are the tweakers go to manuals in terms of performance issues. The above are more about modeling concepts, 3d, rendering, etc. And likely prerequisite material if you want to get that heavy with early graphics cards.

    I also have this, 5$ + shipping (FORTRAN centric):

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    Photo 3 and 4 are spoken for.


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