This was originally a ROMPAC application but was converted by the Sorcerer User Group Sydney to operate in RAM relocatably (if that is a word).
Hence it was called RWP.
I used it for around 4 years as my Word Processor at High School and University connected to a (very loud) dot matrix printer.
After a considerable amount of effort including editing the cassette audio to overcome dropouts, altering the speed and combining CRC error free blocks from two different versions of the program spread across two different cassettes I have managed to get it turning over.

I am looking for the manual to test the features and surprisingly is not in any of the usual places. I have found a Dutch version and yes I know that the WORD PROCESSOR PAC commands are printed on the ROMPAC as label as seen here:

Nevertheless I would still be good to have the complete official Exidy manual in English imaged for posterity since much of Exidy's other remarkably high quality technical and user documentation has survived.

Hoping someone has this in their collection and could scan it.