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Thread: IBM PC Portable and ISA hard drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibmapc View Post
    But not for the 5155. When I bought mine brand new in the mid '80s, I was told there was not a hard card that would work in the 5155. Then the dude behind the counter at Computerland, suggested that I buy a Compact portable instead because it would accept a hardcard. I just gave him a dirty look and proceeded to buy the 5155. Later I bought a 5161 expansion unit that had a 10 Meg MFM drive . Connected that beast to the 5155 and WOO HOO I had 10 megabytes of storage! Now that's the "Historically Correct" way to connect a hard disk to a 5155.

    Yes, IBM 5161 is only original hard drive for 5155, but this is scarce goods...
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    I can understand people wanting period correct original hardware in these old computers, But for me it's just a hobby and cost is my first priority, Let's face it these 30 + year old hard drives are well past their intended life time, They can be money pits just like cars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glitch View Post
    Or run off floppies
    That's what I did with mine when it wasn't connected to the expansion unit, until I brought it out of storage to tinker with it a few years ago. By then, the 5161 was long gone So I found an ADP 50 by chance (it came in a 5160 that I bought on EBay) and connected a CF card and haven't looked back since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by romanon View Post
    Hardcard is historical hard drive. XT/IDE with CF card is not historical. Quite simple.
    "Historical" is just a matter of perspective.

    1. Install XT-IDE card.
    2. Wait 30 years.
    3. ?????????????
    4. PROFIT

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    I can confirm that XT-IDE / CF adapter works in IBM PC Portable, as well as the OPL3 ISA card, and an ST11 controller. In mine I have ST11 + ST238R (30mb) hard drive, it works perfectly. Actual pics (before I put in XT-IDE and OPL3):




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