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Thread: Want to add an RTC to my Kaypro 10 (Universal MB/TurboRom)

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    I understand not wanting to risk damage to the mainboard, especially for an antique.

    I'm curious, what do you plan to do with the RTC? How do you plan to use the TOD?

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    Greeting Durgadas, I just now recognized you as the author of "ViritualKaypro". An awesomely great job!

    I don't have a specific intent, but Time and Date is my general intention.

    I played with a DS1216 on my Ampro Little Board Series 100 back in the day.

    I used it for the PBBS 5.0 logging and date requirements.


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    Ah, yes, I can see for a BBS - and similar apps - how you'd want TOD. And CP/M need know nothing about it. Keep me updated on how you end up implementing it, I could add it to the virtual Kaypro (but probably not until winter...)

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    Yeah, I have, and have used the DS1216E module in Apple II series and IBM type machines and, if you get the right software for the machine, they work just fine.

    Just put it in the socket between a ROM and the socket and off you go. There may be specific sockets in specific machines that they have to go in, but, I don't recall right at the moment.
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