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Thread: Compaq Plus seems to have unresponsive keyboard

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    Default Compaq Plus seems to have unresponsive keyboard

    Hey, y'all. I'm new here. Hi.

    I just got a hold of a fairly beat-up Compaq Plus Luggable. It was complaining of a disk error but after oiling the stepper motor that seems to have been resolved. Now when I go to boot it up, it shows these lines, which I'm not sure is normal. To be quite honest, I'm just now getting into DOS outside of DosBox so I don't know if this is like an autoexec.bat or something. It shows these lines:

    C>path c:\dos

    C>set wp=/nk/nc

    C>path c:\;c:\wp

    C>prompt $p$g


    where the last underscore is blinking, which I would think means it's at an interactive terminal. However, I'm unable to type on it.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Those are definitely from an autoexec.bat file. If one was not present you would see the time & date inquiries and not much else.

    Do you have a boot disk handy? Maybe see if you can bypass the autoexec file. It might be waiting for some input.

    If you press a key and hold it down, does the speaker eventually start dinging (i.e. key overflow)? Does the speaker make a click when you press a key? Compaq added a small click to give users some feedback. Don't recall the key combination that increased/decreased the volume of the click.

    Point being that if the keyboard is working, you should hear the key clicks.

    You can check the keyboard cord where it connects to the motherboard, but you'll have to take the sucker apart first. I hope the keyboard itself hasn't gone bad; from what others have reported here the solution is workable, but tedious.

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    Try all the keys, some may work. You may find that the capacitive foams in the keyboard have degraded and no longer function. There is a thread around here about replace pads that someone builds. On my keyboard, I was able to take it apart and type on it just fine directly on the keyboard with my fingers (I guess they have enough capacitance). Make sure that if there is a voltage regulator that you leave something on it to dissipate its heat - I set a quarter on mine.

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    If when you switch it on and it doesn't give code 301 then the keyboard is operational and has passed test. As stated above the foam pads will almost guaranteed to have disintegrated so the keys won't do anything until you replace them. There's information on how to on here and people do kits for them to restore the keyboard to full function. Doesn't take too much, patience and a couple screwdrivers if you buy the repair kit.

    If not, hole punches and glue and foam and silvered mylar sheet... That's possible also. Brief "how I did mine" in here-

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