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Thread: What INTERESTING SOFTWARE can be for a DX2/66 486...

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    Default What INTERESTING SOFTWARE can be for a DX2/66 486...

    Hi, everyone !

    Replaced a HDD on a Digital Venturis 466i -486DX2/66/20mbz RAM/SB/1mb VRAM(S3 Trio64 V+ Turbo)/4gb IDE HDD(installed using Ontrack DM 7) and thinking about what to install on it - under DOS 6.22 and Win 311.

    I know, besides games like DooM, Ultima Underworld and so on it can be good for Photoshop 3.0, Acdsee 2.6, Corel Draw 5 under Win311 and DSS (a program that plays music, even mp3 in low bitrate from DOS on slow machines, even 386) ... Also, of course M$ Word 6.0 - but it can even be run on a 286/w3.1

    But maybe there is some really cool software i haven't hear about that can be interedting for me to use it on a DX-2 and also to show for modern people "what all these machines could do"...

    I really like to make poster and edit pictures in photoshop/corel draw on 486's - when you can drink a cup of tea and eat a sandwitch, while Curves settings are being applying to a picture - I take tiffs or jpegs from my modern digital camera or my professional modern film scanner) - But maybe there are programs for sound editing/recording or some other stuff I never used or heard about in 1990's... Anyway I always wandered why there are in/mic outlets on audiocards - But back then in 1990's I had only window95' program that could record only minute long or so files)

    Just maybe to realise WHAT REALLY PEOPLE PAID THESE MONEY BACK THEN - where 486s were actual and were sold for big money) I know one friend of my dad had a DX4-100 and used it for video editing - the computer was working all night long, applying changes, but that's a DX4-100 and a different story)
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    Well, since you mentioned sound editing/recording, I was heavily using Cool Edit on a 486 (and Paint Shop Pro but it seems you're a Photoshop guy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandisk78 View Post
    Also, of course M$ Word 6.0 - but it can even be run on a 286/w3.1

    On a 286? No. But on a 486 it's a piece of cake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-R-A View Post
    On a 286? No. But on a 486 it's a piece of cake.
    On a fast 286 with a 16 or 20mhz CPU and 4 mb of RAM MS word 6.0 runs well)

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    My DX2-66 exclusively for games

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    I do find Word for Windows 1.1 or 2.0 works great on a 286, but usually save Word 6 for 486 machines.
    On my recent 486DX4/100 build I put Word 6.0 and it runs OK.

    Also I put in something that many of us likely have forgotten about... a scanner. In the early 90s that was starting to take off with cheap handhelds and the likes. I had quite a bit of fun trying to remaster the technique then edit the image in Photoshop on Windows 3.11

    Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 was also a bit of nostalgic 486 fun - but don't forget to disable JavaScript first.
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