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Thread: the wizard and my new Coco3

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    Default the wizard and my new Coco3

    I want to tell everyone how good the wizard is as a Seller. What he told me what he had for the Coco3 with the warranty sticker was untouch that never been open and all the manuals. He also had the 512k expanded memory and a modem pak both look new. When I receive the box it was in real good shape when I open the box the Coco3 was packed so it could not get broke and the other was packed well to. I am going to keep a eye open if get more Vintage Computer Hardware and Software.

    So if he has what you need you won't go wrong.

    Thanks again
    I only ask Question if I don't know and I will reply to question if I know.

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    I would be worried if a vintage computer's case had never been opened...


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