Hi, I've been following and contributing to the below thread on here under "other", as the HP 1000 A900 is a mini computer I though I would move the discussion over to here.


I acquired an A900 a few months ago after working on the A400 and the 1000 L class many years ago. It was a bit of a learning curve for me and I'm enjoying the challenge. Apart from the original system I've since purchased a few more boards and sold a couple that I would never use. My A900 is still not running as I'm in need of a cable to connect the mux PCB to the breakout board or an async cable to connect my async card to a terminal so that I can get to VCP and then the next challenge with be installing RTE-A on either a HP-IB disk or on a PC with a HP-IB card and the disk emulation that is available.

Is there anyone out there in the UK or further afield with a working HP 1000? Be interesting to know other peoples thoughts.