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Thread: Tektronix 4051 / 4052 / 4052A / 4054 / 4054A Program Archives

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    Default Tektronix 4050 - MUSIC format

    I just uploaded instructions for the Tektronix R12 ROM Pack MUSIC commands - six pages out of the R12 Graphics Enhancement ROM Pack manual that seem similar, but may be a superset of the 4051 CALL "EXEC" Music program format.

    I put that manual excerpt into both the 4051 MUSIC and R12 Graphics Enhancement Demo folders on my github repository.

    The complete 4050R12 manual is too big to post on my github repository. It is currently on my Google drive - maybe Al can post it to bitsavers for all to enjoy

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    Default Tektronix 4050 Star Trek - Updated with sounds, torpedo tracking+target destruction

    I've updated the StarTrekUDK.BAS program on my Tektronix 4050 github repository in the games directory.

    1. I added beeps when targets are destroyed - and added a BLOCK character from FONT 5 on top of destroyed targets.
    2. I also added refresh BLOCK characters to show PHASOR targeting, and the path of the PHOTON TORPEDO - which helps a lot on unusual angle shots
    3. I added a second RND(-1), which now properly randomizes the game on the 405x emulator (bug?). Previously I had one RND(-1), then the rest was RND(1) per the documentation.

    Here is a screenshot showing the target destruction.


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    If you don't have a working Tektronix 4051, 4052 or 4054, you can download and use my fork of the 405x web emulator on my repo:

    Download and unzip to a folder on your PC. Click on the jsTEKTRONIX4051_universal.html to run the emulator.

    Then click the Start button at the bottom and click the Choose File button and select the StarTrekGraphics4050.BAS program located in the Programs directory of the emulator.

    For my older uploads - use the jsTEKTRONIX4051.html

    I use Chrome web browser to run the emulator.

    The speed of this emulator is adjustable - just edit the mc6800.js file and change the "/408" to "/40", then save this file, then run the emulator to get a 10X speedup. On my PC the /40 gives me about the speed of my 4054A. The /408 makes the emulator run at the same speed as my 4051 ran in the 1970's with my performance test program.

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    I found a program called Loom which allowed me to capture running Star Trek on my 'ultimate' 405x Emulator sped up 10x to simulate the speed I get on my Tektronix 4054A.

    Here is the video link:

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    Default Tektronix 4050 - ADVENTURE program updates

    I've fixed several bugs in inventory and logic and uploaded a new ADVENTURE.txt version to my github repository:

    The game is great fun - but it was never available on the Tektronix 4050 computers until my port based on Jim Gerrie's port of William Crowther's ADVENTURE to the MC-10 computer called COLLOSAL16. His full MC-10 emulator is located here:

    I also modified the program to save and restore games to an 8 inch floppy disk in the 4907 File Manager - I uploaded this version with the name ADVENT4907 as the maximum length of a name is 10 characters in each of the five levels of hierarchy in the 4907 File Manager.

    Here is how I set up the files on my 4907 - assuming you are using the first disk "0" - and assuming you have already formatted a floppy disk:

    First, transfer the ADVENT4907.txt file over serial into your 4051/4052/4054 computer.

    Then initialize the 4907 and save the program:
    2. CALL "MOUNT",0,A$
    3. SAVE "ADVENT4907"

    The program will be saved into SCRATCHLIB directory.

    You will need to create a file to save your games:


    I suggest you make more than one save game. I had a file error one time on saving the game - I reran the SAVE game routine and saved it ok the second time. Search the program for "FILE NAME". One location is to SAVE the game, the other location is to LOAD the save game file.


    Now you can load the program with:

    OLD "ADVENT4907"

    Then type RUN

    If you lose the game - I added a message indicating you can reload the game by pressing User Definable Key 1.
    It is necessary to completely reload the game every time - because my port of the program is in a single file to run even on the 405x emulator, and the program deletes DATA statements after the variables are initialized - in order to run in 32KB of memory in a 4051.

    If you quit the game - you are given the opportunity of saving the state to a 4907 file.

    When you run the game you are given the opportunity of loading a save game file.

    This game is lots of fun - and back in the day caused serious loss of productivity at work
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    Default Tektronix 4014 Terminal Enhanced Graphics Point Plot - on Tektronix 4050 Computers

    I found a great github repository called "Tek4010":
    He has created a Tektronix 4010/4014 terminal emulator program that runs on Raspberry Pi - or in my case Ubuntu linux running on Windows 10.

    It is a little challenging to set up - as you also need to add X-windows support to Windows 10 (already in Raspberry Pi). I installed VcXsrv for X-windows support.

    Once everything is installed - you compile and run the tek4010 application on a Tektronix 401x terminal *.plt plot file and you see how amazing the Tektronix terminals were!

    I have some of the plt files posted on my Tektronix 4050 site with Tek BASIC programs that emulated the output - based on capturing the vectors and converting them to move and draw commands. If you have the serial backpack for your Tek 4050 - you can send the plt files directly as Tektronix built into the serial backpack ROMs a Tektronix terminal emulator for vectors.

    However, most interesting to me was trying to run on the Tek4010 terminal emulator the "Special Point Plot Mode" plt files I had found. The Tek 4050 terminal emulator ROMs do NOT support that mode - and the old linux tekplot utility also does NOT support that mode. Even the Tek4010 emulator (when I found it last week) did NOT support that mode correctly (he had no files to test).

    I sent him a couple of my files - he fixed a couple of bugs in his emulator and posted several of the point plot mode files I provided. However - they are quite dim, and may not look like they would if plotted on a real 4014 terminal with Enhanced Graphics option.

    He then developed a new program he called maketekimage that you can create a plt file from your own photos - that makes the images look great!

    Here are two example plot outputs - Leonard Nimoy as Spock in the original plt file I had and a point plot output file generated from maketekimage using a color photo I found in an internet search.
    The new plt file - was also output from Rene's Tek4010 program.

    From Chuck Forsberg's partially archived website on archive dot org - we find a file with background information on how some of the images were created. In particular, "point plot" files were scanned by a "University of Maryland Flying Spot Scanner which was used to digitize nuclear decay traces".

    Since the Tektronix 4014 Enhanced Graphics terminal had a non-linear brightness curve - and the scanner may have been more linear brightness - that might explain why the point plot images from Chuck's site show a little dim on the PC screen.

    If anyone has a working 4014 with Enhanced Graphics - I would be interested in a photo of these point plot files viewed on that terminal!

    Of course I had to experiment and created a Tektronix 4014 point plot file of me with my full size Star Wars BB-8 droid
    My costume in this picture is based on the "Poe Dameron" character in Star Wars "Last Jedi" movie - since BB-8 was owned by Poe

    Now I'm working on how to do point plots on my 4054A - and even the 4051. Biggest limitation is we need big storage - like my 4907 floppy drive to input the plt file, or slow serial port.
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    I keep forgetting how good the Tektronix terminals actually were. You keep posting image files that are extremely good for the time period.

    We had a PET and a Tektronix 4051 in our Electrical Engineering Laboratory at University. The PET was used for playing games and the 4051 for doing serious work!

    Although my final year robotics project did involve interfacing the Commodore PET to a robot (I developed the interface electronics and software language). So the PET did get some use in the end!


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    Yes, the Tektronix terminals - and 4050 computers were amazing for the 1970's.

    I had the pleasure of using a 4051 at work in the '70's - and also learned BASIC programming by writing and porting games from magazine articles back in the day.

    Even today - we don't have monitors with 4096 x 3072 resolution - so my Tektronix 4054A is still state of the art!


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    Make-Tek-Image is now released by RRICHARZ!

    See my post 46 above for more information:


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    I just uploaded my work-in-progress document on Tektronix 4052-4054 System Architecture. Some of the information is from the 4052 Assembler documentation I posted (from the scan of their microfiche), other info is from the 4051 Assembler documentation I posted (from Living Computers Museum scan), and the rest from bits and pieces of the 4051/4052/4054 service manuals posted on I did not complete the effort of filling in the instruction set table with condition codes, nor the effort of typing in the 4051 ROM Call details - many of which are used in the 4052/4054 ROMs.

    I assembled the example 4052 source files in the documentation, and even posted in that same github folder a dump I made using my port of Motorola MINIBUG to dump the 64KB of RAM in my Tektronix 4054A. We have already got the ROMs dumped and uploaded to - so the actual ROM entry points can be harvested for the published ROM CALLs.

    Here is the link to my System Architecture document, and a screenshot of the cover page and table of contents:


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