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Thread: Tektronix 4051 / 4052 / 4052A / 4054 / 4054A Program Archives

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    I just added 14 more 4114 plot files converted to Tek 4050 BASIC programs for display - plus screenshots

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    I just added over 100 files to the Tek 4050 Program archive github site! See the archive site link in post #1 in this thread.

    - PLOT 50: General Utility Programs Vol1 Tape1 PN 020-0206-01. I couldn't download the SECRET programs including BASIC EDITOR.
    - PLOT 50: MATH Vol1 Tape 1 PN 020-0158-00 All files recovered
    - PLOT 50: MATH Vol2 Tape 1 PN 020-0159-00 All files recovered
    - PLOT 50: MATH Vol2 Tape 2 PN 020-0159-00 All files recovered

    I also uploaded the TLIST results for each of the above tapes. The TLIST output shows the file names for a tape in the file headers.

    I have added LF to all the CR in the files for easier readability. Those LF must be removed from the files before loading into 4052 or 4054 computers.

    I also changed the J control characters to JBS_ for readability. This works with the 4051 web emulator which converts that back to the control J while loading.

    Sadly, the web emulator does not support programs accessing other files - you will need to load the individual programs, and for some - remark out the lines trying to do file access.

    For my GPIB flash emulator of the tape drive - I will change the programs to work in different directories - supporting the FIND # commands directly.

    Until we can crack the 4052/4054 microcode, I won't be able to do anything with the SECRET programs on the PLOT 50 tapes.

    Notepad++ makes editing the files very easy - highly recommended.
    Post any of your questions about making the control character changes - and I'll explain how to make them in seconds - in all the files.

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    I just updated the Tek 4050 archive README to include simple instructions on how to download any of the programs on the archive to your 4051/4052/4054 if you have Option 1 Serial port.

    To use the 4051 web emulator -
    - click the emulator "Start button
    - then click "Choose File" and select the program file that you have downloaded
    - now type OLD @1: and press Enter (use the Tek keyboard in the emulator the @ and : - or use the PC keys `1')
    - type RUN to run the program


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    I just added a folder to my archive (post #1) for a couple of demos from the 4050R12 Graphics Enhancement Demo tape - that I converted to basic programs which will run on all 4050 computers and the emulators.

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    Default Three Tekniques 4050 program tapes and a Fast Graphics tape uploaded to my archive!

    After extensive internet searching - I found a treasure trove collection of 187 Tektronix 4050 program documents - most in original Tektronix binders with tapes and some with floppy disks. This collection was in 34 book boxes, with another 20 or so boxes - each containing 70 to 100 tapes!

    This collection was donated by Bob Rosenbloom to the Living Computers Museum+Labs in Seattle - thank you Bob!!

    I flew to Seattle last week with museum permission to make an inventory Bob's collection. I worked from 8AM to 5:30PM and made notes of the contents of each of the 34 documentation boxes, and managed to quickly peek at about half the boxes of tapes. I am still working on a spreadsheet of the collection inventory.

    I left many binders and documents in front of the boxes - that I felt needed to be scanned and posted on bitsavers including service manuals.

    The museum had all the documentation boxes on tables in the basement ready for my arrival. The tape boxes are to the right of the orange crates in my panorama photo below.

    Bob's Tektronix docs and tape collection

    There were several items that I had been searching for - including a Tekniques Vol 6 No 4 T1 tape containing a 4052A/4054A assembler program.

    The museum archivist found that tape and a couple more Tekniques tapes - but encouraged me to visit the museum as they had no inventory of Bob's extensive donation.

    I just finished replacing the broken drive belts and posting the recovered files from four tapes that I have on loan from the museum on my github archive in the following folders:




    I also found a Fast Graphics tape - which had the original R2D2 picture file - and several others (Darth Vader, Death Star, Laser Gun, Grinch, Cheshire Cat, Bump and Nurd) that I posted with my conversion to a Tek BASIC program that does not require the Fast Graphics ROM Pack or the Graphics Enhancement ROM Pack to view.


    These pictures and many of the programs can be run on the 4051 web-browser based emulator at:

    Tektronix 4051 Emulator

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    Default QUEST game for Tektronix 4050 Computers

    I ported the 1979 Byte Magazine Vol7 No4 Roger Chaffee QUEST to Tektronix 4050 Basic in 1979.

    I still have the 3M silver paper printout from the Tektronix 4631 Hard Copy printer of that game and many others.

    I retyped the program with my 1979 changes (Roger coded the program for the Commodore PET computer) - and uploaded it to the Games folder of my Tek program archive:


    The Byte article indicates that Roger wanted to create an 'Adventure' style program that fit in the limited memory available of the PET computer (7123 bytes), since the original Adventure program required 200KB of memory in the IBM 370 mainframe computer.

    Here is a screenshot of my port of QUEST for the Tek 4050 computers - captured from the github free download Tek 405x Emulator that runs on a web-browser like Chrome or Firefox:



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    I found my copy of the 4924 service manual, uploaded to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Kossow View Post
    I found my copy of the 4924 service manual, uploaded to
    Thanks Al!

    That manual is very detailed - and will even help me on my GPIB MicroSD flash drive design - understanding the exact Tek GPIB command subaddresses supported by the 4924 tape drive.


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    Default New Tektronix 4050 Games uploaded

    I have uploaded ten new games to my github archive in the Games folder:

    Tektronix 4050 Games Folder

    I have also uploaded the screenshots below to the screenshots folder inside the games folder.

    All these files were recovered from old Tektronix tapes.

    Bomber is a simple graphical game where you press user definable key 1 to drop a bomb on a house from a plane flying over at various speed and altitude.

    BomberInstructions.jpg Bomber1.jpg Bomber2.jpg

    Chase is a game where you (*) have to avoid being caught by robots (+) and avoid touching the electric fence (X)


    MasterMind is a game where you guess the colors


    SeaDog is a game of hitting a moving target (drawn in refresh mode) from one of five guns fired using the bottom row of five user definable keys.

    SeaDogInstructions.jpg SeaDog1.jpg

    SpaceWar is a two player or one player against a robot battle in space. The program uses assembly language routines for faster gameplay.


    Spiral is a simple spiral vector drawing application - you supply the angle in degrees. After drawing once, you get to draw again with fast vectors.


    SuperArtillery adds user selectable variable wind, shells drawn in refresh mode with no tracks, casualties, multiple guns, and impact craters to the Artillery game!

    SuperArtilleryInstructions.jpg SuperArtillery.jpg

    SuperTankWar I found a newer version of my Tank War with wraparound all four sides of the screen and labeled tanks!


    SwordsAndSorcery This is a very simple adventure game with oracles and dwarves


    Download and enjoy!


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    Default Tektronix 4050 Star Trek - User Definable Key version

    One of the files I recovered from a tape labeled: 4907 Backup was this version of Star Trek.

    It uses Tek 4050 graphics and requires you use the User Definable Keys for the ten commands.

    Here are some screenshots:

    StarTrek-UDK instructions.jpg StarTrekUDKorders.jpg StarTrekUDKGalaxyChart.jpg StarTrek-UDK1.jpg



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