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Thread: Gemini challenger 20 anyone ?

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    Default Gemini challenger 20 anyone ?

    Just acquired this machine. Its in a bit of a state but seems largely complete.

    Does anyone know anything about the machine. I can only find reference to the machine on

    Comprises a main board with 68K processor and slots for the Gemini proprietary 68K bus.
    Also comes with a 68020 slot in board and a slot in 4 port serial board.
    A Teac FD55 5.25 floppy and an NEC 66MB D5147H hard drive. are also fitted.

    Beyond testing the power supply I have not tried to power this machine up yet.
    I have noticed a broken tantalum cap on the motherboard that I will replace and that there two empty 2764 EPROM sockets on the motherboard.
    I have no idea whether these sockets should be populated to provide a BIOS/monitor function.

    The 68020 plug in board also has a 27c256 EPROM fitted although it seems to have had all its RAM chips removed - type unknown.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Was this the one that was listed on Ebay recently? I was tempted
    I'd read about the Challenger but have never actually seen one.
    Serial number is interesting (And possibly why I've not seen others)


    PS. I use to have a Gemini Galaxy system many years ago.

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    Probably - in that I assume not many appear on EBay and this is serial number 1
    I pad the princely sum of 32 for it - probably worth just about that in parts if it never gets off the ground.

    I have powered it up after a thorough cleaning and power check but I'll need to make up an 8 pin DIN serial port adaptor to see if it is squirting anything out to the terminal.
    Hard drive is spins up and heads seek but it does nothing else at the moment and I expect its going to need some parts - this will be hard without having any data to go on.

    I also have a Gemini 925 system that I need to spend some time on - That SHOULD be easier as its 80bus based and was a little more popular.

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    Nice find! Keep us posted on updates as you make progress.


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