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Thread: Hitachi BASIC MASTER computer (6800, 6809)

  1. Default Hitachi BASIC MASTER computer (6800, 6809)

    Anyone own one of the Hitachi BASIC MASTER line of 8bits?

    I'm interested in exchanging info, etc.

    (Based on 6800,6809)


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    Sure, a bit marginal between the plethora of japanese computers; but good machines (I love the 6809 CPU ). Pretty hard to get software for them, I've been searching a boot disk for years without success.

    I've a 6893 and a S1/40, being the late a really nice machine, much in pair with the other big ones like the MZ-2500 or the late FM-77s.

    I've a lot of software to type-in; but sadly, without a good mass storage it's a waste of time


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