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Thread: Status of Syndicomm?

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    Question Status of Syndicomm?

    Hi, does anyone know anything about the company Syndicomm?

    I ordered some Apple II software on 5 1/4" disks from them a couple of weeks ago. I haven't received my order yet, and according to the Syndicomm website, it hasn't even shipped yet. It lists the status of my order as "Processing."

    I wanted to ask them how much longer it would be before my order ships, but when I replied to the order confirmation email I had received, the email bounced. Then I looked on the Syndicomm website, and there is absolutely no information there about how to contact them.

    Has anyone had any experience with Syndicomm? How long does it usually take them to ship something?

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    Nothing new about this. We had a huge discussion on Syndicomm about 5 years ago. See here: Unhappy with Syndicomm and Tony Diaz

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    Thanks for the information! Wish I had known that before I ordered.

    My credit card company says that if I want to dispute the charge, I need to do it soon, so I think I will do that, rather than waiting years as some of the people in that other thread did.

    Too bad, because there is a lot of great stuff on Syndicomm!

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    Too bad nobody is brave enough to approach Tony Diaz about this at KansasFest. He seemed to have plenty of time to attend that last week....


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