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Thread: Looking for help from DATA IO 29b aficionados...

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    Default Looking for help from DATA IO 29b aficionados...

    Hi all,
    I'm really looking for help from some DATA IO experts. I heard there may be a group somewhere on the net but unfortunately doing a search has not found anything.

    Anyway, a while back my DATA IO 29b smoked. Today I finally got the replacement AC power module. The programmer now powers up and according to the beeps it seems to be working. However the cells on the LED screen are ALL turned on. I pulled the unit apart again and started probing around with a logic probe. There is a AM27S21pc PROM that feeds a series 74LS175's, which in turn go to the LED display. The outputs of the PROM all seem completely dead. No High or Low, or Pulsing, so for now it's my number one suspect. The problem is, where to get a replacement PROM or even a PROM binary file. The PROM has a sticker labeled 324-0061-001.

    Just thinking out loud, getting a .bin file may be a bit of a catch 22. How do I program a PROM to fix a programmer, if the only wayI have to program the PROM is with the programmer itself...something to worry about later I guess :-/

    Any help, advice, or a point in the right direction would be most appreciated.


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    The Data I/O EPROM group is at

    Some very knowledgeable people hang out there.

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    That's great. Thank you.


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