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Thread: do any of you TT owners have early (color) Macs?

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    Default do any of you TT owners have early (color) Macs?

    Like a II, IIX, IIcx, IIfx? How would you compare the 2, the TT with one of those?
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    I don't have any of the above mentioned Apple models; but IMHO, only the IIfx could offer more than the TT030. I have an LCIII+ and it's very close to what a TT030 can do, same CPU, speed, data bus width and RAM amount. The graphics are better in the Apple machine, specially when the VRAM is maxed. About sound, I feel the TT is better than Apple; but prolly is due the software you can find in each machine, TT demos sound great!

    It's hard to compare tho. In a day-by-day basis, System 7 is a pretty sleek OS compared with GEM. I've replaced the OS in the TT with other ones like Teradesk or MagiC; but I found them still behing Apple's one.

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