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Thread: Help with Assigning Value to 5150 Computer

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    Default Help with Assigning Value to 5150 Computer

    Hi Guys,

    I know this is a pretty tough question to answer; but, I thought I would at least ask for advice.

    I have an IBM 5150 that I purchased new in 1983. The system has two 5.25 floppies, color graphics card and expanded memory.

    I also have the original keyboard.

    The hardware has been stored in the original boxes.

    (I have a non-original monitor that was last used with the system.)

    I can also sell the original DOS software and even some original software on 5.25 floppies (Lotus 1-2-3 and Multimate).

    I worked with the computer a little over two years ago attempting to recover data from an older hard drive. (Here is a link to the original thread with some additional details.

    I'm located in Indianapolis.

    Prices seem to be all over the map... I want to be reasonable; but, I also don't want to be foolish with too low a price.

    Thanks for any opinions you'd care to offer. (I searched through the forum and also looked on eBay... not as much help as I thought there might be for this topic.)


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    Good clear pics of the inside and out will help, Later model 5150's are not worth as much as the early models, Having the original boxes / software helps too, The non original monitor may not be of interest to some, Basically it all comes down to condition, Cosmetic and working and whats included.

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