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Thread: Greetings from Massachusetts

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    Default Greetings from Massachusetts

    Long time user, novice tinkerer of various systems. Have great memories of my grandfather's place as a child in the early 80's with his TRS 80 Model III and his Tandy 1000, which my family ended up with, along with our Mattel Aquarius. Mostly a gamer, hope that's not frowned on toooo much. Never really stepped away from the now called 'vintage' scene.

    I used to write for a now dormant blog on retro games in general, and I had a column called 'WHAT THE EFF IS ON THIS DISK!?'.
    And another called "The Fair

    I had fun even though I wasn't very skilled at writing.

    I've since expanded my vintage computing collection to include

    Mattel Aquarius
    Atari 800XL
    Mac SE
    TI 944/A
    Coco 3
    Offbrand 386 25mhz

    Hope to see you all around!

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    Why did your blog go dormant, it looks like a fun blog.

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    It was. Owner issues. They both wanted out, as I recall.


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