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    UG! "Typing in" what you are looking for is great for advanced users, but that is just a re-invention of the COMMAND LINE!

    One of my biggest gripes back in the Windows 3.1 days was it was virtually impossible to walk someone through finding simple stuff like the control panel or the file manager. That would have involved minimizing/maximizing a bunch of awkward and similar looking program groups, that was literally beyond the capability of many users, and they didn't like it if their windows got moved around. It was infinitely easier to just to go program manager, click File, Run, and type CONTROL.

    When Windows 95 came out, it was a huge improvement. I could easily tell anyone to simply click Start-Settings-Control panel, then the name of the control panel item, and go from there. The common settings that people needed were usually on the first property page, and less common ones on later property pages or pop-up dialogs. Things only a tech should ever change were hidden in the registry.

    If you have to resort to typing something in to do something very common then your GUI is a FAILURE.

    Should we really all go back to memorizing common commands, keeping long "cheat sheets" nearby of all the available commands, using keyboard function key templates, or such?

    It is great to have such searching/command line features available for advanced users. But it is a bad idea to depend on them for common things such as finding a control panel.

    I like change when change is an improvement. In the real world we may have to deal with negative change when a physical resource or such is no longer available. But in the software world there is ZERO excuse to go backwards like this.

    Windows 8 was an unmitigated disaster brought on by drooling marketing department types taking over, and Windows 10 has not fully cleaned up that mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomeGuy View Post
    If you have to resort to typing something in to do something very common then your GUI is a FAILURE.
    This, so very much.
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