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Thread: Wanted: CRT repair and tuneup

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    Question Wanted: CRT repair and tuneup

    Hi there,

    Is there a someone around the eastern PA/mid-NJ area who does CRT repairs and tune-ups? I have a 21" CRT that doesn't work (loud whining noises) and I have a smaller monitor which is a bit too bright and flickers. I feel like I don't want to mess with those myself because I really have no idea what I'm doing. But if all it takes is a few new caps and adjustments, I think it's worth saving these monitors.

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    the whining sounds like the flyback transformer. The other issue could be anything to do with loose connections, i.e could be fixed by hitting various solder joints. I had a problem with a power supply once, took the board out, and hit the bottom of it randomly with an iron. Put it back together and it worked fine. But you need someone who's really versed in the stuff to formerly diagnose those issues. Ain't me, although I'm somewhat near.

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    The whining ism ost likely a coil or flyback. If your lucky the copper wires in tve coil/flyback would just need re glued.
    Dise is get louder or quieter after it worms up?
    The flickering could be just about anything.

    If you were closer and I still had the tools Id help.
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