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Thread: IBM ThinkPad 300 Help

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    Default IBM ThinkPad 300 Help

    Hello! I recently acquired an IBM ThinkPad 300 and am having difficulty finding articles/documentation/parts/etc..

    From what I was able to find, it's apparent to me that this was not a popular machine at all, but I am working on a series where I go over not just a restoration of the machine, but dive into the history of the machine, its story, if you will.

    I'm hoping that somewhere someone has even an old ad or article on the machine they would be willing to scan and send, if not any personal experiences/anecdotes regarding this budget notebook from the early 90s.

    Finally, if anyone is aware of any obscure corner of the web where I can find some replacement parts, I am in need of a battery as well as the Ethernet cover plate and a replacement of the back IO cover.

    Thanks in advance for any and all information/insights! Included a few pictures for posterity and your viewing pleasure.

    New here, sorry if this breaks format/rules.

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    Your pictures don't work, they're just grey circles with lines through them.

    Nobody is going to have a battery pack for a laptop that old, your only real option is to rebuild it with new cells.

    As for the missing/broken doors, I'd recommend a 3D printer and design replacements, since finding those is going to be very difficult.

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    I don’t have anything but a bit of info on it. It was the first ThinkPad made by someone that wasn’t IBM, in this case it was Zenith. It was their low end machine and is prone to cracking due to the plastic they used. That’s about all I know.
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    Definitely like the look of the 300 and wouldn't mind adding one to my collection one day. Nice piece! I regret I don't know much about it either. I remember it contemporaneously from when I was younger, it looked really sharp compared to the 'beigehemoths' of the era. I'm sure I've seen documentation for it out there.. but Lenovo unfortunately has used the 300 model designation on later products and google always goes for the shiny new stuff first.

    Always loved the earlier Thinkpads and the square designs. I have a 701c, 730T, 380XD and 760EL. Defintely want a 300 though.

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