The other forum post about the Thinkpad 300 got me thinking about my 760EL. It was our family's first modern notebook, first color laptop. Even though it came with a crappy DSTN screen, I was still in amazement, having previously owned the orange plasma Toshiba's, that you could have colour on a screen that was so thin. It's sort of a ship of Theseus now -- the screen was swapped some time ago with an active matrix screen, and the original keyboard had bad keys, so that was replaced. But the basic computer is still there.

I haven't fired it up in probably 7 or 8 years. So I plugged it in and gave it a shot. Immediately I had a 'ker thunk, ker thunk' sound. Damn. Bad hard drive. Tried again, but this time it was a high pitched, scratchy noise. Sounded like a sound card going nuts. Again, it clicked and booted Win 95! I shut down for a reboot after a few minutes of playing around, when I powered up again... it was making this noise:

Wouldn't boot fully. Shut down again, tried again.. boom, fired right up as it was supposed to. Right now it's running just fine.

I'm wondering if this is like the Lisa drive where stuff is seizing up from lack of use. I'm wondering if the remedy here is to run it a while.. or just get a new hard drive (I imagine those drives are getting old and harder to find in good condition).

Also TIL: MS Paint is not installed by default with Windows 95. I had completely forgotten that you had to add it manually.