I just wanted to get in touch with an update.
All information on GitHub https://github.com/pdp11gy/SoC-HPS-b...-disk-emulator
and on my homepage. With this innovation, it is now possible to run my RL-emulator
and all SIMH emulators on a single board, in my case it is the DE10-Nano. A PDP-11,
PDP-8 and VAX with all available RL-based software is running on a one hand large
board. The DE10-Nano board offers many more possibilities and that is really great.
I also use a Raspberry Pi 3 ( model B ) connected via network to the DE10-Nano board
and use it also for development purposes with the graphical interface. For example:
I can compile the programs like SIMH emulators and copy it to the DE10-Nano
board, because it is binary compatible!
That's the current state of the art and it would be nice if a cooperation works here.
The board has space for many other add-ons or other application. Maybe a port of the
MFM-emulator , RX02 and TU58 emulator can be developed. Everything is open source
and my design can be used for reference purpose.

I also have a Qustion:
Does anyone have the DEC / GT40 lunar lander as a binary file? And does anyone have
access to the DEC PDP-11 MUMBS operating system ( .DSK image ) ?