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Thread: wyse pc386 3216-40

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    Default wyse pc386 3216-40

    So first I state that I'm no where remotely close in vintage pc knowledge as most people on here probably are, there will be plenty of questions that might seem trivial to some, but bare with me.

    So at a recent estate sale I managed to pick up a few things one being a wyse pc386 3216-40 model. After some cleaning and reassembly I turned it on. I had a couple of errors that seemed to be based around the keyboard and mouse. I did not have a keyboard or mouse when I first booted it up. The error seemed to state something about a keyboard failure. It might have been along the lines of keyboard detection failure, the word failure was in there. It was running a memory test and then just shut off. No funny smells or weird noises before or after it shut off. Sticker on power supply cover have the numbers 840414-01. Any ideas?

    Other questions

    1.Where can I find an owners manual?
    2.There is a connection that looks like a phone jack. There was a piece of tape labeled keyboard on it.
    3 If a new power supply is needed, which models would work?

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    1: Google or it may be on

    2: Wyse used non-standard Keyboards for their PC's. You need the correct keyboard. An adapter to a standard keyboard may be possible, but I wouldn't know how complex that is going to be.

    3. So the system shut of, and wont go back on again? Likely the PSU capacitors are bad, or some card or the motherboard has shorted the PSU, and it has shut down. You may test the PSU by unplugging it from the motherboard, leave a HDD connected, and see if it starts up.
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    Wyse PC's used the Wyse terminal keyboards. So if you see some Wyse keyboards going cheap with the right connector, give those a whirl.
    I have the same issue with my Wyse PC, someone tossed the keyboard :/
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