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Thread: Sun floppy drives

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    Default Sun floppy drives

    I want to install a floppy drive in a Sun SPARCclassic X. I have never worked with these Sun machines before, so I have really no idea about how this is supposed to work.

    As there is no space for a mechnical eject button, I suggest that these machines used special drives that had an autmatic eject function that could be triggered from the software side? Or am I getting it completely wrong and I can just install a normal drive?

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    The Sparc Classic service manual shows the floppy drive as using pin 1 for eject so it requires a special floppy model. The service manual does not list a part number for the drive and the FAQ lists several drives but none clearly labeled as for the SparcClassic.

    The drive as described in the service manual is a 3 mode (720k, 1.2 MB, and 1.44 MB) from Sony and NEC. Someone else may be able to point to working substitute drives.

    Oracle's web site has the service manual. May have more manuals as well.

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    Thanks for your reply! So I obviously need a special drive which seems to be hard to get nowadays.

    I am still curious if I can attach a normal drive to the connector and just use to device with open cover. I guess I'll just have to try it out.

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    Thank you, Paul! I will keep my eyes open for one of these here in Germany.


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