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Thread: UK TRS-80 Model 1 with 260-9800 hi-res graphics addon - debugging

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    Apologies, life got in the way.

    @IAN, i was hoping to DMK the disk this weekend, but life got in the way. Once i've done so, i'll of course share so it is preserved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by multivac View Post
    I have one of these attached to my Model I system. Yes, I'm in the UK. There was a wire link fix that was sent out; does yours have it? I can't remember what it was for though.

    Can the system operate without the box connected as it uses the expansion port and some of the recent modern add-ons don't have an expansion connector fitted and I would like to try them? What I could do with is an expansion port doubler.
    No idea about the "Wire link fix" - what do i look for to confirm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarkie101 View Post
    No idea about the "Wire link fix" - what do i look for to confirm?
    You will have to open the case though and you might see an additional wire fix. My case does not have the Tandy label on the outside so I might have had the add-on fitted to my keyboard by the original manufacturer and not Tandy. Does anyone have a picture of the inside?

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    Took some closeup photo's of the inside of the add-on memory board in the external box. Also included the back of the main motherboard which has a single orange wire added to the back.

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    Thank you for posting the photos of the interior of the add-on; very interesting especially the unpopulated green sockets. Maybe a hardware guru here can tell us about what they can see in the photos?

    The wire link I mentioned above would have been fitted to the add-on.

    Does the Model I still work without the Hi-res add-on connected? Or just the small cable connected and not the cable to the Expansion Edge Connector?


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