I have a few CoCo 2s in stock. All machines were taken apart, cleaned, inspected and tested. If you are curious about the Color Computer platform, or need some reasons why you should get one, don't hesitate to ask. Or even better, drop in the Color Computer Facebook group. It is very active and you can see many cool things, like SD Card storage, sound cards, VGA MODs, HDMI cables, OS9 (the best 8-bit OS made), 2MB upgrades and much more. This is a great time to be a CoCo user.

26-3134, 64K and Extended BASIC

26-3134A, 64K and Extended BASIC

26-3127, 64K and Extended BASIC

BTW, I also have two Votrax voice synthesizers. They are a little bit rare and work with various 8-bit systems.

Thanks for looking.