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Thread: DECmate II

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    Quote Originally Posted by misterblack View Post
    I'm not sure this machine comes with any floppies. From my reading the system uses quad density single sided disks. I suppose it trying to access any 5.25" disk is a good sign. Do you think these use a normal Shugart style disk interface so I could use a Gotek or does Digital do everything proprietary?
    Yeah, as long as it actually tries to access the disk, you know that everything from the CPU on down to the disk controller is in working order.
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    Quote Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
    The simple way to know if it's actually working would be to plug it in, pop in a disk, switch it on, and listen to see if the disk drive starts loading anything.
    This is how you burn up things. You should try the power supply apart from the rest of the computer first. A failing power supply can easily burn the rest of the computer.

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    The monitor is happy enough it's regulating and rectifying the DC voltage and giving a bright raster. I don't know if it's the reflection but I can see a reverse 16 on the screen at least twice I would say it needs at the very least a recap as the brightness and vertical hold is out of whack. It's fairly straightforward on the VR201.
    The DECmate like their other machines at the time use a switchmode PSU. Racapping? Sure you might want to do that soon but my experience so far has seen them to be fairly durable.
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    I believe one should expect to access a options menu if everything is connected and set up correctly. My DECmate (older model) shows status lights on the keyboard upon boot up. I can use my Decmate as a terminal if I select that option, no disks needed to at least see something on the screen and test the basic CPU of the decmate board.
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    You can easily adapt a more modern 96 tpi drive like a Teac FD-55GF or even a 55F drive via jumpers. Pin 34 is READY/ which is pretty standard for non-HD drives; pin 2 is TKG43/ - track greater than 43, used to signal reduced write current for the inner cylinders. It's not clear that this pin is used on the RX50--it mostly has meaning for 8" drives.

    The unit select 3 on Pin 6 is pretty standard. Consider the Teac FD55-GFR.


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