Hello, all.

I recently picked up a boxed Game Blaster on eBay with the intention of trading it. I know these are desirable sound cards, so let's see what kind of luck I have. What's included is the card itself -- model CT-1300B -- in pretty nifty condition, tested by me just yesterday and verified working. It comes in its original box, which is in good shape with some minor scuffs on the front. All inserts, manuals, etc., are included. The only things not included are the floppy disks containing sample software and the game Silpheed. Take a peek @ the photos I've included to get an idea of the condition.

Below you'll find a list of what I'm looking for. Please contact me if you have any of these for trade. Note I am not necessarily concerned with having the original box & manual(s) for these; if you only have a bare card that's fine, so long as it's tested & working. Of course, any PCMCIA card should come with its original input / output cable(s), as these cards are generally unusable without them. (Note: Please don't contact me offering to buy this card outright, I'm only interested in trades at this time.)

Here are my "want lists" :

Sound cards

- Digital 16-bit Sound Adapter (PCMCIA)
- Fujitsu FMV-J451 (PCMCIA)
- IBM 3D Sound (PCMCIA)

- Covox Sound Master (ISA)
- Innovation SSI-2001 (ISA)

- Chipchat (MCA)
- Soundpiper (MCA)

- IBM PS/1 Audio Card (PS/1)

- Portable Sound Plus (parallel port)

Other hardware

- Trackstar or Trackstar Plus (Apple II clone on an ISA card) <- Not looking for the Trackstar 128 nor Trackstar E

Thanks for your interest.