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    My name is JohnDurg. I am retired and live in Florida. I have two vintage machines and a clone. One machine is a 1984 IBM 5155 Portable AT. I bought it new when I was in Grad School. It was a DOS machine, and I used WordPerfect 5.0 for Dos, and RBase system 5 for Dos. I also played a few games. My other machine is a Magnavox Headstart 300. This is also from the 80's, but does have a hard drive. The clone is an Altair reproduction, I am having a great time with it, although it has made a very steep learning curve for me. I look forward to getting friendly advice form all you experts.

    John D

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    Welcome to the forum. The Altair reproduction sounds interesting, been thinking about one of those for a few years.
    Looking for: OMTI SMS Scientific Micro Systems 8610 or 8627 ESDI ISA drive controller, May also be branded Core HC, Please PM me if you want to part with one.

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    Hey John, Welcome. Ever need to talk to a fellow 5155 owner please feel free to send me a private message. The power supplies are notoriously hard to rebuild once they fail, a problem I had to get around.

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    Welcome! Retired and living in rural Nebraska. I have a number of different computers including Commodore, Tandy/Radio Shack, and newer PC compatibles.
    Rick Ethridge

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    Cool! Welcome! Check out my blog which covers a lot of Magnavox/Philips PCs.


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