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Thread: Amiga 500: Problem with display (bottom half of screen shows only garbage)

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    Question Amiga 500: Problem with display (bottom half of screen shows only garbage)

    Hello everyone,

    Bought an Amiga 500 (Rev6) off Ebay three days ago. Worked perfectly.
    Today, though, the Amiga decided that it shall no longer show anything on the bottom half of my screen. Doesn't matter via which cable or port it connect. The bottom half of the screen is always garbage.
    The only change I did in the meanwhile was, that I connected a freshly bought "Boomerang B432" Gamepad and a new RGB->Scart cable to the Amiga (of course, when it was switched off).


    Any ideas what went wrong? Hopefully the Gamepad doesn't have a problem an permanently damaged the machine.

    Any ideas welcome.

    Update: I also got the following Guru meditation when wiggling some of the plugs at the back of the computer:
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    Curious that garbage is the same even if you're using the composite output?
    -- Adrian

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    I'd clean all those external connectors, and reseat all the custom chips. I'd clean the trapdoor connectors as well.

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    That area is an unused area not normally displayed, might be the LCD you are using. Try a monitor or another display and see if it goes away.


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