I picked up a working SWTPC 6809 S/09 awhile back and thought it would be cool to write something fun to play on it. I have always been a big fan of Cribbage and knowing the limitations of the system, I figured it would be a good choice. It was also a nice excuse to learn the system, since I was brand new to both the 6809 CPU and FLEX and I got to use some of the various utilities available back in those days in a practical sense. I ended up writing the game mostly in C, with some PL/9 to handle the cursor addressing and 6809 ASM for some miscellaneous instructions like the random number generator. The game is obviously catering to a pretty niche market, i.e., Cribbage fans and owners of 6809 computers. In reality, I kind of made it just for myself, but I figured others might enjoy it. Besides, it is a great excuse to learn Cribbage if it is new to you. You can see a write-up of the entire process and access the disk image here: http://tanrunomad.com/swtpc-flex-games/