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Thread: Compaq SLT 286: 610-External Storage Device Failure

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    Question Compaq SLT 286: 610-External Storage Device Failure


    I was lucky to find a Compaq SLT 286 in great condition for free at a garage sale.
    When starting it up the computer shows its RAM info and then goes on to display the following output:

    00640 KB OK

    610-External Storage Device Failure
    Hit F1 when ready

    Proceeding with F1 just returns me to the same error message.

    The internal drive spins up (fairly loud but that might be normal?).
    I took it apart and it is the following kind of hard drive (if it helps):

    Conner CP-3021i TYPE2

    I would love to get the machine running and show my daughter some of the history of computers first hand.
    I became fascinated myself when I was handed these machines in my young years and went on to become a software developer. So I myself am interested in what I can get out of this machine

    Thanks a bunch!

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    What happens when you put a floppy boot disk in it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    What happens when you put a floppy boot disk in it?
    I only had a MS-DOS Startup Disk. Do you have a resource where I can download a Boot Disk?

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