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Thread: IBM PC 5140 backlit PSU vs normal PSU

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    Default IBM PC 5140 backlit PSU vs normal PSU

    In is information about IBM PC 5140 and its displays

    Backlit LCD has internal illumination, which means it can be used in low-light conditions. Battery life is dependent on the setting of the brightness control. The Backlit LCD works on all PC Convertible models by plugging it into the LCD assembly, in place of the current screen, and installing the new power supply. A new power supply is packaged with the Backlit LCD Option Kit.
    How difference is between normal PSU and PSU with support for Backlit LCD? Are there some visible differences?
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    I would assume the amperage would be the only difference. I have a 15V 2.7A IBM power supply that may or may not be the normal supply. The backlit display works without issue, though I do not have an internal modem, or printer attached that would draw additional amps.
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