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Thread: Any recommendations for an uber simple Windows snipping tool?

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    It's very good. Thanks immensely.

    I wish I could find or write one that's even more convenient LOL. One where you can set it so if you're inside a window, or inside windows of a specific type of file, you just click and drag, and upon release it autosaves, and there's a visual signal, not an annoying audible one. . Bloopers can just be deleted, you can always rename the set of files easily. Or can you? Windows based methods are always ornery. Perhaps I can hack something together in VC++ or VB. Or just suggest changes to the author. But this is the best I've seen yet. Better then the Asus app by a margin, bless it's heart though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarsMan2020 View Post should do what you want, it's small, it's open-source, it will install in a 'portable' mode that you can just delete when you are done, it allows you to define the rectangle area in one gesture, and it auto-names the files based on several options for file naming that you can pick from.
    Great find!

    I really like it.
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    I use on called pixclip - it does everything I need.

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    I just use the Snipping Tool that comes with Windows 7, it works fine for me but my needs are very basic.

    Before Windows 7 I would just take a screenshot with PrtSc, or capture the current windows with Alt-PrtSc and paste it into Windows Paint, then cut the portion I wanted from there. This was a bit clunky but I didn't need to do it very often. To make it simpler I changed the default blank image size in Windows Paint to something small like 16x16; pasting anything larger would then auto-size the canvas to make it big enough for whatever I was pasting. As a bonus doing it this way made it easy to save a 'raw' image separately from one marked up with circles, arrows, text or what-have-you.

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    In the past 5 days I've snipped about 800 times. Light screen is by far the best thing yet. It needs to be real simple. The author got it right. It could be a bit more convenient, not that I want to appear ungrateful. No sense wasting precious energy. I'm neurotic as it is.

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    I like W10's snipping action. Lots of time on my hands.


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