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Thread: Proud new owner of an Osborne 1, have a few questions

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    Question Proud new owner of an Osborne 1, have a few questions

    Yesterday at the Vintage Computer Festival West, I became the delighted new owner of an Osborne 1, seen here. I don't yet know the functional condition of the machine (there's a sticker on the back with some handwritten notes indicating that it more-or-less worked at some point in the past, other than some video 'rolling' which goes away once it warms up), but I'm just going to assume for now that it will need the power supply and CRT circuitry re-capped. Other than that assumption, there are some other obvious issues here - it's missing both floppy drives, and I've got no disks for it even if I had floppy drives. So, some obvious questions:

    1. Are there any re-capping specialists in the San Francisco Bay Area who could be suggested or recommended for me to reach out to?

    2. Where should I even begin with trying to source one or two replacement floppy drives for this beast? I've only owned it for ~24 hours so my research on this topic is juuuust starting, but it seems like the Osborne 1 used an uncommon variety of floppy drive - is that correct?

    3. Alongside trying to replace the floppy drives, I'm interested in possibly using some sort of modern flash-memory type adapter, to make it easier to interface with / copy software from my more modern computers. Has anyone here successfully used a 'floppy emulator' with an Osborne 1? Any tips on where to start?

    4. Any other tips / tricks / suggestions on this? My ultimate goal with this O1 is the same as with all my retro-computers: get it working reasonably well, preferably with some neat upgrades and/or fun software to demonstrate what the machine was capable of in its day. I have a real soft spot for 'luggables' like this (I've already got a restored Commodore SX-64 and a Kaypro II), so it will definitely be loved for a long time in my household



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    Congrats Huxley. I just had a great experience giving a 35 year old Kaypro 10 new car smell. Lol

    On the SSD/Flash, I did a post recently that outlines the SSD/FLASH components I used for my project.

    Try not to get frustrated trying to find floppies. It can be hard find ones that are aligned and working in 2018.

    Also keep your eyes on eEbay for an Ozzy 1 that is for "parts". I did well buying a sad Kaypro 10 to give me some parts to work with.

    Good luck on your project, it should be a good time, I've pondered doing on Ozzy myself.

    Cheers, John-A


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