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Thread: IBM 5154 monitor recapping

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    Default IBM 5154 monitor recapping

    Well, someone *really* doesn't want me to use my 5150 lol. Just 1 hour after fixing the keyboard, my 5154 monitor turned into an impressive smoke machine and now my entire house smells of burning. Presumably (and hopefully) the filter caps have decided to give up.

    I do have a 5151 monitor but I only have an MDA card to drive it with which won't cut it for what I want to do with the machine so I do need to fix the 5154.

    I know the power supply is riveted shut so will need drilling out, but beyond that is this a relatively simple repair to do? I'm also wondering how long after power off the monitor will be safe to work on (it will be several days, at least the end of the week before I have time to take it apart). I don't have any method of discharging caps other than holding a screwdriver across them and I don't want to do that and damage anything else! Also a bit nervous about working so close to the CRT.
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    Probably an X2 cap gone pop, A monitor with good caps can hold a good charge for months after last use, And can give a nasty bite if you're not careful, I know from past experience and it bloody hurts. The X2 caps are not difficult to replace, It was a long time ago when i did mine on my 5154 but be careful what you touch, I use a resistor or lightbulb to drain Caps if needed.

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    Most likely the X2 cap(s) if you saw smoke. I recently replaced the X2's in two of my
    5154's and vowed never to power one on inside my house unless these were replaced.
    It took several days of leaving the windows open to get that smell out of the house


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