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I removed it all and went back to scratch, and reset BIOS to defaults, and only have Video Card and ISA SOund Card in (the controller is on board), the AWE64, as well as floppy drive to try and boot from. Same issue when the ISA Card is in, it wont boot the floppy. Pull the ISA Card, boots to floppy without issue. When booting directly to HDD, it boots fine and loads an OS...just wont boot to floppy with the ISA Sound card in. The PCI Soundcard does not have the issues;.
I think you missed the step where I said to remove EVERYTHING except the video card and the ISA soundcard (it is not clear from what you wrote above if you have one or two soundcards installed). Do that, then try to boot off floppy. If the floppy won't boot with only the video and ISA soundcard in the system, then put the ISA sound card in another system and (if that system boots) run the config for that soundcard to change its IRQ/DMA/port settings back to defaults, since they're obviously screwed up.

Or, the ISA soundcard is defective.