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Thread: IBM 5160 Demonstration Model?

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    Default IBM 5160 Demonstration Model?

    This 5160 PC has a transparent case top and a transparent hard disk enclosure (not my auction)
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    It has certainly been modified for demonstration purposes. I very much doubt this was by IBM. The 4th last photo shows a top down view. At the top of the image the way the glass is bolted looks very uneven. The fan guard on the PSU looks a bit bent. The HDD looks like it has just had the top replaced with glass/whatever. Same the images are so poor quality. I'm guessing this was a teaching aid made out of an old PC.
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    I am not sure if this one was done for IBM, but I can assure you the IBM did have some official "clear case" PC/AT's made back in the day that were used for demonstration and trade shows ( Comdex ). I worked for IBM in Boca Ration in 1986, and I found in pile in a lab one of these systems that was most likely used for the PC/AT launch. I ended up bringing the system home to play with (I had a IBM security property pass that allowed me to take equipment off the property) and installed PC Xenix on it. Later on, when I left Boca Raton, I gave the clear AT back to IBM.

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    I also find it unlikely that the item in the OP would be from IBM. They wouldn't have given it a production ID, nor would they have been allowed to use the FCC ID of the final production model since the RF of the demonstration model would no longer conform to the FCC tested model with the complete enclosure. Most demo models have particular FCC stickers on them that say something like 'This model is not allowed for resale as it has not been tested for acceptance and transmission of RF interference', etc...


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