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The JAIR8080 is an excellent option, especially since you won't have to modify your system at all.

I've put together some custom boards to keep rev 0 machines in as-is states in the past: usually wire wrap or point-to-point wired, with 32K RAM, some amount of ROM, and a serial port that implements one channel of the 88-2SIO. I've never laid it out as an actual circuit board though; I probably should at some point.
I'm about to start working on a board to go with my Altair with 1/4 of an 88-4PIO and an 88-ACR compatible modem section, since my chassis came with cabling for the both of those but not the cards. I have a hard time keeping wire wrapped and point to point boards neat and tidy enough so I'm going to go ahead and get PCBs made.

Perhaps instead I should do:
-1/4 of a 4PIO
-88-ACR compatible modem (still researching different ways to implement the modem)
-1/2 of an 88-2SIO
-32-64KB of RAM and 16K ROM

This could be used to either provide 'MITS Compatible' I/O to a JAIR board (leaving the RAM and ROM unpopulated), or on its own with a MITS 8080 board as a 2-board solution.