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Thread: Dolch PAC 486

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    Exclamation Dolch PAC 486

    Hello, Im new to the Vintage aka Retro Computer Scene and Im in Possession of an Dolch PAC 486 and it wont work. Are there any not expensive replacement parts on the market? Where would I get them from? Im really lost and Im not into this kinda IT stuff and I dont have a clue of any of These things so Im writing to you guys to get some help.
    Appreciate it, thanks in advance

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    I just picked one up a few weeks ago and have been working it over. It's an incredibly standard system except for the power supply size. Normal baby-AT motherboard, normal 3.5" floppy and hard drives. I _think_ the gas plasma display (orange monochrome) just runs off a vga vesa feature connector. All the power connectors are standard AT style, so you should be able to use a normal too big to fit in the case pre-ATX power supply for testing purposes.

    What's happening with it? Does the screen light up? Floppy drive make noises? Fan on the right side spin? Testing-wise, it's a generic AT style 486 desktop.

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